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FICO Australia provides a Thermal Imaging (Electrical/Mechanical Infra-Red “Hot Spot” Detection) service. Through the use of Thermal Imaging FICO Australia can provide businesses the opportunity to be proactive in preventing potential and costly fires due to overloaded, worn, faulty or poorly connected electrical and/or mechanical components that may go undetected in a standard service inspection.

Using thermal imaging detection, FICO Australia can carry out an infra-red thermal electrical inspection survey of all electrical/mechanical distribution switchboards and other reticulation equipment. Data is collected under normal load conditions without interruption to power. The data and photos are then collated into a clear, concise, detailed Fault Analysis report which itemizes the areas of concern and makes a recommendation as to which items need to be repaired, including a priority rating. The Fault Analysis report is supplied in an electronic format.

The benefits of Thermal Imaging to the business are a reduction in:

the likelihood of electrical fires

the incidence of power or system failures

less down time from unexpected maintenance issues due to emergency breakdowns

an increase in safety for company personnel.