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Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

A smoke-detection and alarm system is installed to sense and provide warning of a fire in its initial development stage. Proper operation of this system will afford the building occupants the maximum amount of time to seek safe refuge.

FICO Australia can supply, service and install all types of conventional and addressable fire detection and alarm systems to suit client requirements. FICO’s service technicians have all been trained in the installation, programming, servicing and fault finding of all fire detection panels and systems.

FICO Australia can design and install a smoke and or heat detection system to suit the specific requirements of the building. We can also design, install and service specialist early-warning systems such as VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus).

Smoke and Thermal Detectors

FICO Australia provides all types of conventional and addressable detectors. The premises’ requirements and current installed system will determine which types of detectors are suitable for the application.