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Emergency Warning Intercommunication Systems

Multi zone evacuation

A large site is usually divided into evacuation zones of manageable areas – fire compartments, floor levels etc. FICO Australia can set up each zone with its own speaker system which can provide any or all of the following:

Background music, alert & evacuation tones, and a public address facility. Visual alarms can be added as an option to the sound system.

We can also provide warden intercom points in each zone, for wardens to communicate using an emergency intercom. Secondary emergency control panels and remote paging consoles can be set up to allow public address to all the zones.

Single zone evacuation

Unlike large sites, small and medium sites do not need to be zoned. Hence an emergency warning system can be less elaborate. FICO Australia recommends a self-contained tone generator and speaker, with which alert evacuation tones such as fire alarm bells, are provided.